I’m now taking reservations for puppies ready to leave in September 2024. To take an appointment please contact me at 450-649-1209.

Our Puppies

Nos chiots golden retrieversMajesty Puppies now live all over the world: Monaco, Switzerland, France, Chile, United States ...

The majority of the puppies which we are selling are as family companions.

If you are interested in purchasing a golden retriever, we suggest you come and meet us, see our dogs, our installations, certifications and to discuss goldens, you must make an appointment.

All our reproducers are certified for hips, heart and eyes. We select our dogs for reproduction as much as for their physical qualities as for their temperament worthy of the "golden" bred.

Notre façon de faire

Our females and our males are never used for reproduction before we have obtained their official certifications. Thereafter our females will be reproduced only once per year or at a greater interval.

Matings are made in order to keep and to improve the quality of the breed. This is why we have sometimes used studs from other recognized breeders.

All puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and are sold with a non-breeding agreement. When the pups leave Majesty Kennels at 8 weeks:


  • they are tattooed
  • they are vaccinated
  • they are dewormed
  • they have an up to date health record emitted by a veterinarian following a complete examination
  • they are guaranteed

Nos chiots golden retrievers  Nos chiots golden retrievers  Nos chiots golden retrievers
Nos chiots golden retrievers Nos chiots golden retrievers

Nos chiots golden retrieversGuarantees

We offer a 26 month guarantee against hip dysplasia and a 24 months guarantee against any other hereditary disease which would bring to euthanased the animal.

Moreover, we offer new owners 48 business hours to check the health of the puppy they purchase, should they wish.

Our Super Team

-- Anik Primeau --

  Anik is proud breeder/owner of the # 1 Golden Retriever in Canada's history and judge for the Canadian Kennel Club.  

-- Dominic Picard --

  Dominic married to Anik shares his passion for dogs with her.  

-- Our Team --

  The Engold team consists of several employees all passionate, patient and kind with the dogs.  


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