You always remain in our hearts and thoughts!
They will never be forgotten ...

Sheana (Pinouche) - CH. Chrys-Haefen Imperial Shana

CH. Chrys-Haefen Imperial Shana
September 26, 1986 – February 8, 2002

Sheana is the foundation of Majesty.
What about the princess! With airs of English monarchy, she knew how to please everyone! She was an exceptional mother to her 23 children.Sheana has through the years without aging, which even allowed him to be awarded the prize of the oldest dog in an exhibition of this veteran and twice at the age of 13 and 14 years!

It was a dog of outstanding company and will remain in my heart my favorite dog.
She unfortunately died at the venerable age of 15 ½ years.

Sheana Sheanalightbox[Sheana]Sheana Sheana Sheanalightbox[Sheana]Sheana

Brutus - MBISS BIS CH. Goldenkin’s Peter the Great CD SDHF OS

MBISS BIS CH. Goldenkin’s Peter the Great CD SDHF OS
September 22,  1988 - April 19, 1998

Brutus, "the amazing, the fabulous, the wonderful, the stud master", now some of the nicknames that people that have known him awarded.

What about the more than one in a life time dog! Brutus was known to some for its qualities in conformation as the only golden Quebec to have won the Canadian National Specialty. The securities have accumulated one after the other over the years.

For others, it was the dog obedience by excellence in another, with the completion of his CD, but it remained for the perfect example of man's best friend.

Brutus Brutuslightbox[Brutus]Brutus Brutus Brutuslightbox[Brutus]Brutus

Ashley - Majesty Dare to Compare

Majesty Dare to Compare
# CKC AW0323084 December 1992 - 2006
Ashley was our house dog. She always sleeped on our sofa or played with her miniature football ! No dog will ever replace her, she was just special !
Ashley Ashleylightbox[Ashley]Ashley

Duke - CH. Majesty's Fields of Gold

CH. Majesty's Fields of Gold
# CKC PS972905
September 21st, 2004 - July 7, 2018
Color : light blond
Weight : 73 pounds
Hips : OVC 0031405
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal
Stud services available
Duke has a beautiful head, lots of pigmentation and a beautiful expression. He loves to play but is more of a calm dog.
Duke Dukelightbox[Duke]Duke Duke Dukelightbox[Duke]Duke Duke Dukelightbox[Duke]Duke

Bridget - Majesty Bridget Jones Diary

Majesty Bridget Jones Diary
#CKC SU119264
October 14th, 2006 - 2016

Bridget is a very calm golden. She we be a wonderful mother to her puppies just like her mother Paris.
She now happily lives with her son, Kovi.

Bridget Bridgetlightbox[Bridget]Bridget Bridget Bridgetlightbox[Bridget]Bridget


Jake - CH. Majesty’s Unique Gem

CH. Majesty’s Unique Gem

September 26, 1996 -  March 1, 2012
Jake passed away at 15 1/2 years old. No other will ever replace him. He was unique. He was loved by his 2nd family like a son. Thank you Christine, Daniel, Florence and Xavier.

Jake Jakelightbox[Jake]Jake


Georges - CH. Majesty King Georges

CH. Majesty King Georges
# CKC NW922693
November 27th, 2003 - March 17, 2018
Color: cream
Weight : 75 pounds
Hips :OVC 0028166
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal
Stud services availabe

Georges is our clown, always in a good mood. Nothing scares him and he's always ready to play. He has an excellent pigmentation. He is a true english golden with hunting titles in his background.
Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges Georges Georgeslightbox[Georges]Georges

Cassidy - CH. Majesty Talk of the Town

CH. Majesty Talk of the Town
#CKC: RY056226
Birth date: December 13th, 2005 - September 2012
Color : gold
Weight : 62 pounds
Hips :OVC 0337775
Eyes :CERF
Hearth : Normal

Cassidy is Lauren's sister. She looked alot like her father Hunter conformation and temperament wise. She lived her last years with extraordinary owners. Thank you Johanne and Alain.

Cassidy Cassidylightbox[Cassidy]Cassidy


Lauren - Majesty a Star is Born

Majesty a Star is Born
# CKC : RY056228
December 13th, 2005 - February 2018
Color : dark gold
Weight : 59 pounds
Hips : OVC 0037778
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal

Lauren is soft, calm and loves to cuddle. She now living the life with her brother Cooper.

Lauren Laurenlightbox[Lauren]Lauren Lauren Laurenlightbox[Lauren]Lauren


Lance - CH. Majesty Waiting for You

CH. Majesty Waiting for You
#CKC PJ947234
Birth date: May 19th, 2004
Color : gold
Weight : 76 pounds
Hips : OVC 0032794
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal
Stud services available
Lance is owned by Danny Sirignano. Lance is our TV star, he knows many tricks that he executes to perfection.
Lance Lancelightbox[Lance]Lance Lance Lancelightbox[Lance]Lance Lance Lancelightbox[Lance]Lance Lance Lancelightbox[Lance]Lance

April - CH. Majesty's Spring Time Girl

CH. Majesty's Spring Time Girl
# CKC : RA002388
January 15th, 2005 - 2017

April has a wonderful temperament. She is calm and very attentive. She is the envy of all my other girls. If they could they would call her the SUPER STAR !
She plays every day with her niece Mandy in her new family.

April Aprillightbox[April]April April Aprillightbox[April]April


Taylor - CH. Majesty Taylor Made

CH. Majesty Taylor Made

# CKC : KL699301
Date of birth : June 27th 2000- November 2012
Color : gold
Weight : 55 pounds
Hips : OVC
Eyes: CERF
Heart: normal
Taylor was a small female with attitude. What she loved the most were her toys, she always had one in her mouth like her brother Hunter.
Everybody called her Tee !
Taylor Taylorlightbox[Taylor]Taylor Taylor Taylorlightbox[Taylor]Taylor  

Paris - Majesty’s Glamorous Girl

Majesty’s Glamorous Girl
# CKC : JA590780
September 21st, 2004 - October 2017
Color: light gold
Weight : 65 pounds
Hips : OVC 0031404
Eyes: CERF
Heart : Normal

Paris is a playful but more independant dog.
She loves to play with her brother Duke and her toys.

Paris Parislightbox[Paris]Paris Paris Parislightbox[Paris]Paris


Maggie - CH. Majesty’s Wild Beauty

Ch. Majesty’s Wild Beauty
# CKC GE 440682
April 4, 1997 - May 2010
Maggie was one of our prettiest bitch. She loved to play and was a wonderful retriever.

Maggie Maggielightbox[Maggie]Maggie Maggie Maggielightbox[Maggie]Maggie


Molly - Majesty Unlike Anyone

Majesty Unlike Anyone
#CKC PJ947214
May 14th, 2004 - 2016

Molly will always have a special place in our hearts, she was my son's dog. We miss her everyday.

Molly Mollylightbox[molly]Molly


Madison - CH. Majesty Who’s That Girl

CH. Majesty Who’s That Girl
# CKC : KL700582
June 20, 2000 - August 31, 2012
Madison was a very confident dog. She was calm but loved to play. She was an exceptional mother. She became a champion winning best of breed. Everybody called her Mady. she was the perfect companion. We miss her a lot. We all loved her !
Madison lightbox[Madison]Madison Madison resting Madisonlightbox[Madison]Madison resting

Stella - CH. Aon’s Last Call

CH. Aon’s Last Call
# CKC : NE878790
March 20th, 2003 - 2016

Stella is a real english type golden She’s full of energy and loves to play.
We both her from Ann Loch, AON goldens in Ontario when she was 10 months old.

Stella Stellalightbox[Stella]Stella Stella Stellalightbox[Stella]Stella


Morgan - Majesty’s Voluptuous Lady

Majesty’s Voluptuous Lady

January 30, 1997 - July 8, 2012
Morgan left us, she was 15 1/2 years old. She brought calm and joy to her adoptive family. Thank you Loulou, Bob, Caro, Véro and Newton for loving and taking care of her.
Morgan Morganlightbox[Morgan]Morgan Morgan Morganlightbox[Morgan]Morgan

Ginger (Sweetie) - Majesty’s Causing a Commotion

Majesty’s Causing a Commotion
-August 8, 1999

Ginger was the true picture of what people in mind when we think of a golden retriever.

Gentle, affectionate, obedient, always ready to have fun ... this is for all these reasons that when people came to meet us, they told us they wanted a golden but not a Ginger.

Do not be surprised if you see a golden Majesty whose name is Ginger.


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